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Cable Gate Day Ten

Libya threatened UK with “dire reprisals” if the convicted Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, died in a Scottish prison.

• Julian Assange is refused bail, and spends the night in Wandsworth prison.

• The future of the WikiLeaks website is thrown into doubt.

• The Obama administration is suspected of co-ordinating reprisals against Wikileaks. Major companies, including Visa and MasterCard, sever links with the whistle-blowing website.

• Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, is described as a dangerous eccentric, suffering from severe phobias and often acting on impulse.

• Tunisia blocks the website of a Lebanese newspaper for publishing unflattering US embassy cables about the regime.

• A leaked cable reveals that in 2008 Saudi Arabia suggested the intervention in Lebanon by an Arab force, backed by US and Nato troops, to destroy Hezbollah.

• US consulate officials in Jeddah describe a party thrown by a member of the Saudi Arabian royal family at which, contrary to Saudi law, alcohol and prostitutes were present.

• Cameron and Karzai meet in Kabul to repair the damage caused by leaks revealing Afghan officials’ criticism of British troops in Helmand.

Der Speigel

• Leaked cables show that the US sees Austria as increasingly isolationist, and is frustrated by their lack of influence over the neutral country.

• The US and China worked together to prevent European nations from reaching an agreement at last year’s climate summit in Copenhagen.

El País

• In a 2005 cable, the US scolded Spain for not committing more troops to Afghanistan and put pressure on them to reconsider their position.

• According to a US embassy cable form August 2008, the great majority of the Spanish military leadership have a profound dislike of Prime Minister Zapatero. Many have become “fans” of the US after spending time there, although they remained proud to be Spanish.

Le Monde

• US diplomats in Somalia do not think that the country is about to become an al-Qaida base, in spite of warnings by the transitional government that thousands of foreigners are flooding in to fight.

New York Times

• Swedish laws protecting women in their sexual encounters gets a fuller explanation, as Julian Assange, who is currently in Britain, faces an extradition request from Swedish prosecutors.

• The US justice department is reportedly looking at laws other than the Espionage Act to pursue wikileaks founder Julian Assange.


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