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Cable Gate Day Seven

The US is worried that China could be planning internet warfare via private companies that are known to have recruited top hackers.

• China’s “newly pugnacious” foreign policy is “losing friends worldwide”, the US ambassador to Beijing argued in a cable.

• Hillary Clinton, talking to Australia’s prime minister, Kevin Rudd,referred to China as “your banker”, illustrating America’s deep anxiety over China’s growing economic power and hold on US finances.

• Rolls-Royce lost a lucrative contract to supply helicopter engines to the Spanish military because of a personal intervention by Spain’s prime minister, José Luis Zapatero, following vigorous lobbying from US diplomats, according to a secret cable from the US embassy in Madrid.

Der Spiegel

• US diplomats in Vienna expressed “frustration”, disappointment and concern about Austria’s politicians.

• There is an unexpected culture of consensus within China’s all-powerful, 24-strong Communist party politburo, according to US diplomats in Beijing.

• The American embassy in Beijing has been compiling information on Xi Jinping, the man expected to become China’s next president.

• Cables from the US embassy in Baghdad paint a picture of bewildered diplomats outmanoeuvred by the Iranians.

Le Monde

• US diplomats in Iraq were briefed about the last moments of Saddam Hussein after his execution in December 2006.

• Brazil and the US are divided as to how to deal with Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chávez.


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